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Hello world!

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Monkeydogs are THE BEST EVER!

Hi everybody…especially Monkeybutt.  My name is Madeline; Mattie for short.  I know.  I know.  It should be spelled Maddy, but my lame mom likes “tees” better.  Ugh.  Anyway.  I should tell you right now that I am NOT a tripawd.  No offense, but I am hoping I do not become one.  My big brother was a tripawd.  I never knew him, but his name was Opie.  He was a golden retriever and the number of times that my mom has compared me to him, he was obviously  the most PERFECT dog in the world (sarcasm), because all I keep hearing Mom saying to Pop is, “Opie never chewed so much.  Why does she keep snapping at me?…Opie never did.  Opie didn’t take this long to housebreak!”  All I say is, “OPIE, OPIE, OPIE!  I am not OPIE any more than Monkeybutt is Comet.  Yeah, Comet, I know all about you.  Get ready for Monkeyface Mattie…Monkey dogs rule!

Anyway, I decided I wanted to join tripawds to try and figure out what all the hub-bub is about and to meet my big brother’s friends…..but mostly I want to infiltrate this site and expose it for what it is…a plot by tripawds to take over the world!…NO>  The UNIVERSE!

So, Monkeybutt, Dillon, Rhys, and Zuzu and any other four-leggers out there, we have to stick together.  Oh yeah.  My mom plans to talk every now and then to give advise to new tripawd pawrents…She just better keep it to the forums and other blogs because this blog is for OFFICIAL Business ONLY!  I invite all quadpawds to visit often.  I’ll talk to tripawds too, as long as they will consider joining the resistance.

PS.  Zuzu, my mom wanted me to be called Zuzu, but my pop said he didn’t want to have to go outside and yell, “ZUZU!”  That’s why my name is Mattie.  I wanted to be Gretel, but Pop said I didn’t look like a Gretel…what does a Gretel look like?  Mom says that even though my formal name is Madeline, I was nicknamed “Mattie” after some girl in some movie called True Grit.  Nice mom, let’s keep that one on the down low.  I don’t know why she would do that…probably because she is permanently scarred because her sister, Sooz, named her after a Sunday funnies’ character, Nancy, of….get this….wait for it….Nancy and Sluggo.  MMMMPWAAAAAaahahahahahahah!  There’s a couple years of therapy for ya. Way to show your age, Mom!   Good thing she wasn’t a boy cause her name would be Sluggo….PWWAAAahaah!

Sleep tight new friends for we have long days ahead of us.  Mom wants the computer to go on the forum.

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10 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1.    admin Says:

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  2.    krun15 Says:

    Hey Mattie- at least they don’t call you a boy. My new Mom and Grandpa refer to us (me and my new sis Tani) as ‘The Girls’!. I had a nice manly name of Diego, but new Mom changed it to Obie. I keep hearing about some tri-pug named Maggie (he doesn’t look like Maggie, Mag never did that… etc) so I know right where you are coming from!!! And as you know- pugs are all monkey butts!!! Just check out the great one Maggie’s blog- most of the pictures of Tani are of, you know, the MB end!
    Don’t let on that I put a reply on your blog- I’m pretending that I’m not so bright so the humans set low expectations for me. They have been trying for 2.5 months to get me to ‘high five’ (we all know it should be high four!) but I just look sort of puzzled and usually still get a treat (at least from grandpa).
    I’ll keep your new blog on the down low- Mom usually spends all her time in the forums anyway.
    Stay strong sister!!
    Your new quad pal and fellow MB,

  3.    Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Riley’s very pleased about all the quadpawds infiltrating this site. He often hijacks Catie’s blogs 🙂 Of course, Catie’s never shown the slightest inclination to write a word herself so he just naturally takes her place.

    Mattie you’re a darling. And named after Mattie in True Grit – great name but wasn’t that character just a tad on the annoying side 🙂

    We’re happy to see you here.

  4.    etgayle Says:

    mattie, you are a cutie pie!! i don’t think you look like a ‘gretel’ at all…i wouldn’t want to cook pancakes on you…geesh… my sister jane has four legs too, but i don’t think she has much monkey in her, and she doesn’t seem too eager to take over the universe…maybe she can join your club as the ‘griddle girl’…since she does like pancakes..that must be here connection….


  5.    Ginger Says:

    Welcome, you little Monkeyface!! It is a pleasure to meet you. Don’t worry too much about being compared to Opie. It’s just that he was such a good and inpawrational dog for all of us here in Tripawds. Just like Jan Brady did, you will find your own way to impress people and make them love you too. I promise.

    Ginger and her pack

  6.    maggie Says:

    Hey Mattie!

    Nice to meet you!!! Don’t worry – you’re welcome here in Tripawd land! I have a four legger too – named Haley – she’d LOVE you!!! -)

    Have fun with your new pawrents!!!

    Tracy, Maggie & Haley

  7.    admin Says:

    Welcome Mattie! We look forward to hearing all about your infiltration efforts, but be careful or we’ll call out the AMBF! How’s the saying go? Oh yeah… BBBWWWWWAAAHAHHAHHAHAHAH!!!! 🙂

    PS: Thank you for upgrading your blog with a Tripawds Supporter subscription! Opie would be proud.

  8.    monkeybutt Says:

    Mattie! Welcome to !!!
    I am the official welcoming Monkeydog! Here is a our manifesto (it’s pretty simple):

    The Monkeydog Manifesto

    Make tripawds all over the world monkey miserable!!

    Welcome Monkeyface Mattie!
    – Monkeybutt

  9.    wyattraydawg Says:

    Ooooh Mattie, the stories we could share. All I ever hear is “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” You have to live in Opie’s shadow? Well I get to live in the shadow of King of the Tripawds! How’s that for big paws to fill?

    Sheesh. I might just consider joining your resitance force but is it OK if I have 3 legs?

    Thanks for putting up with us here and supporting this crazy community, we’re hoppy to have you!

  10.    anyemery Says:

    Hey, Mattie! It’s me, Zuzu here. My mom and sister never let me get on the computer, or I would have said “hey” alot sooner. I know what you mean about being named after characters in movies… but you know I stopped looking for my petals when I was like 5 months old, and now that I’m much bigger they have stopped asking me where my petals are. bwahahaha – I showed my mom when I ate her peonies… they have LOTS of petals!
    Count me in for the resistance movement. I sure don’t want Tripawds to take over the world! I get compared to Holly all the time – and she sits there with a “holier than thou” look on her face while I get yelled at! hrmph! I haven’t turned my moms loafers into clogs yet (Holly did that!) – all I have done is re-sculpt some baseboard. I like the new profile better – so what’s the big deal? I’m taking cues from the original monkey butt… I think there’s a lot he can teach us newbies. If we stick together, we won’t be beat!

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