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I don’t understand

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First off, I just want to say, “Of course, WyattRae, you can join the resistance.”  Having someone on the inside would be excellent.  You are right.  I can see that it would be really difficult to be you following in Jerry’s pawprints.

Monkeybutt, seems like comet hardly ever lets you use the computer…She’s kinda bossy, huh?

Anyway, I haven’t been around more than twelve weeks and these new pawrents are driving me crazy.  All I ever hear is “NO.”  I can’t do anything that I want to do.  One thing I don’t understand….I’ll be playing or running around the house and drinking lots of water and all that makes me have to go, you know….go….pee, but when I do it, these crazies start yelling like the world is coming to an end and it startles me and then one of them scoops me up and takes me outside and sets me down.  WTH?  I have no idea what that is all about.  It’s like they never want me to go.  Well if that’s what they think they are going to be sorely disappointed.  I guess perfect tripawds never have to go pee.  Harumppphh.

I heard mom on the phone today talking to somebody about taking me to school…That is really going to cut in to my busy day.  I have things to do, rugs to pee on, furniture to chew; I don’t think I will have any time to go to school.  She will just have to accept that.  Did no one tell them that the world revolves around me?  It’s all about me.  ya know what I mean.  What part of “ME” do they not understand.  These two are going to be tough to train, but I’ll have them marching to my tune in short order.

I can't figure them out.

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6 Responses to “I don’t understand”

  1.    wyattraydawg Says:

    Hey thanks! We’ll have to think of a name for our Army. Hmmm….

    And yeah, now you’re talking! Let them THINK you’re going to school to be a good dawg, but really, what you’re doing is training them to live their lives around YOU, not the other around. Hah! Hah! They’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

    The school thing is annoying but it’s a good way to get out and show the world that you’re so pawesome, so try to look at it that way. Plus, whenever you do something even remotely “good” you’ll get a treat or something nice, so hey, can’t ask for more than that right?

    Well, except maybe a tasty table leg to chew on. Yum!

  2.    janeothejungle Says:

    I wants in too!! My momsa won’t even lets me chew ons the coffee tables no more. Suddenlys I’m supposed to knows about all these “rulses”. I’s gots to be free to be me, rights? Fight the good fight. Monkeydogs likes us haves to stick togethers.

    luvs, Rosie

  3.    monkeybutt Says:

    Monkeydog Militia Training School! You have to go Mattie! You’ll learn great coursed in:
    The best ways to trip a gimpy tripawd when Mom isn’t looking!
    The A, B, C’s of getting the best spot in the car before the gimping tripawd!
    The 101’s of snatching toys from a gimpy tripawd!
    How to be a Spunky & Funky Monkeydog!

    plus, lots more!

    Wyatt Ray may be a double agent – be careful. He’s been known to send virtual pooch smooches to Comet Vomit.

    – MB –

  4.    Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:


    What a cute little fuzzy-head you are, Mattie.

    And school?? Already? Catie HATED school. Riley LOVED school but only because he wanted to play with everybody. Except for taking time away from all the other important things you must do (like peeing), it really will be a great opportunity for you to strut your stuff (and maybe pee in a new venue where everyone won’t get quite so freaked out!).

  5.    anyemery Says:

    Hey, Mattie! I have turned my favorite toy into a tripawd! And guess what my favorite toy is… a MONKEY! Sometimes I carry the leg around, sometimes I carry the monkey around. And I can really get Holly when I make the monkey scream – I usually wait until she’s sleeping peacefully and then – BAM! – there goes the screaming monkey. My mom hasn’t caught on yet.

    My mom made me go to school too… but it was really fun cuz there were all these other puppies around and usually at least one who would play really wild with me. Mom calls me her wild girl. I guess Holly has always been perfect in every way (so why isn’t she called Mary Poppins?), so mom and dad aren’t used to my enthusiasm for life. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some enthusiasm, do you? I mean, why does dad carry around a cup of coffee if he knows I’ll be jumping on him? It’s his own fault it spills everywhere.

    I know we’ll be great friend, Mattie!

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