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Monkey Power!

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Hi everybody

Well, the other day my mumma yelled, “Eureka!”….well maybe she didn’t say Eureka, but she did decide what kind of monkey, I resemble…a vervet.  Check it out:

Whaddya Think?

I’m growing up pretty fast.  I weigh 18.2 pounds!  Which means:  I GET MORE FOOD EVERY DAY!

I started school last week.  It’s really lame.  They’re trying to teach me things I already know.  Sit, Down, Stand, Watch Me.  Jeez whadda they think I am? 10 weeks old?  I am nearly 14 weeks old for pete’s sake.  By the way, who is pete anyway?

Oh yeah.  I have been going to the doctor every week.  They are looking for someone named, Annie Biotic.  Apparently, there are a number of people with this name, because they haven’t found the right Annie, yet.  I hope they find her soon.  I am getting sick and tired of the whole doctor thing.

Well, my mum has the day off and she promised to play with me.  Every dog I try to play with, doesn’t seem to want to play with me and I don’t know why.  The cranky little pug-boy that sat next to me in school was all goody-two-shoes trying to score points with the teach.  Everytime I tried to play with him, he got all snooty and wouldn’t play.  The ole apple polisher.  I know the pugapalooza would have played with me.

I wanted to post some photos of me, because I am getting cuter everyday, but my lame mumma left the stoopid computer connectors at work, so I couldn’t do it today, but I will soon!

Rock on Monkey Dogs!

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7 Responses to “Monkey Power!”

  1.    Ginger Says:

    Too funny, Mattie. You do kinda look like that vervet, but – shhh – I think you are cuter. But don’t tell Comet. If she finds out I think a monkey dog is cute, she will disown me. Don’t worry about those brown nosers. They will get theirs soon enough, and they won’t have as much fun as you will.

  2.    Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Aw Mattie. School CAN be such a drag and there are always those sucker-uppers who want to be the teacher’s pet.

    Looking so forward to pictures!

  3.    krun15 Says:

    Hey fellow MBD! Obie here- yes, yes I would play with you- I just learned that it is OK. My mom was like an idiot at the park on Sat when I decided to play with this CUTE little white fluffy girl- Mom made like it was a big deal- but I was just waiting for the right one to come along. I know I hadn’t played with anyone yet- I was acting all shy to get the lay of the land- but now I am starting to show a little more of myself. Just a little at a time though- don’t want to spoil mom…
    Oh yea- I did finally give in on the ‘high 5’ thing- but I made mom wait 3 months!! What a score- just sit with your tongue out and act like you don’t get it- the people will try over and over and each time you get a treat!! And now that I will do it mom is showing everyone how ‘smart’ I am and I get a treat every time for that too!!!
    And hey- my mom and vet were looking for Annie too- but only in my eye. It seems that putting gunk in my eye a few times a day might bring Annie out. I sure hope so- I’m getting tired of the gunk- but there are treats for that too!!
    Keep strong sister!!
    Your pal- cool pug dude Obie

  4.    monkeybutt Says:

    Who loves monkeydogs? We love monkeydogs!!!!

    Monkeyface Mattie, between your face and my monkeybutt, we’d make a spectacular monkeydog! If only we had wings, we would be flying monkeydogs!

    Ginger, I’m telling Comet what you all said! Because that’s what monkeydogs do!

    Tripawds are duds! Monkeydogs are Studs!

  5.    wyattraydawg Says:

    Here! Here! Mattie, never forget, Monkey Dawgs Rule!.

    Hope that Annie gets her act together and helps you feel better!

  6.    anyemery Says:

    Hey, Mattie! Sorry it’s been so long…. even though you’re a monkey dog I still like you – but don’t tell Comet that! When I went to puppy kindergarten the teacher used to say nice things about all the other brown noses, i mean puppies. When she’d get to me she used to say I had trouble focusing! Hrmph! What does that mean, anyway?

    Pssst – Mattie – Zuzu here. they call me monkeypoo cuz I like to eat poop. Yum! It’s my favorite! But it grosses my pawrents out – don’t know why they don’t try it, too. I’d play with you for sure! I love to play – and there are lots of dogs that don’t really want to play with me either. What’s up with that??

  7.    madeline Says:

    Ginger, you seem like an okay tripawd. I guess, it would be alright if we met on common ground.

    Carmen, I posted some pix of me in the next post. Hope you like them.

    Obie, you are the pawesomest! I know, I really like to pretend I have no idea what they want me to do. It is funny to watch them exaggerate their movements and repeat the same stupid words over and over again. heh heh heh. Wish you lived closer, we would ROCK the PARK! All the dogs would want to play with us, but we wouldn’t let them for a long long time and they would all be like, “Dang. I want to be in the cool monkeydog club.”

    Monkeybutt Rocket, you are the coolest. Monkeydogs are the bestests. Tripawd dogs are big ‘ol pestests.

    Wyatt, I could use some ideas for how to drive pawrents crazy. You seem to be the kinda dog I could learn from. Keep the stories coming.

    Holly. I can relate. They say I don’t focus good either. I DO TO. I focus entirely on Cooper. He’s a really cute malemute boy. He is GORGEOUS!

    Zuzu. I think I will try eating poop, too. How can they say it is gross, if they have never tried it? Pawrents….sooooooo stoopid, huh? If you moved to Alaska, we would play all the time and then all them stoopid dogs would be sorry.

    Calling Dillon and Rhys! Where are you? My mom misses you. Let us know how you are doing.

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