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I do what I want

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Sorry for taking so long to post.  I’ve been pretty busy.  Chewing underwear, unraveling throw rugs, peeing in the house.  You know how it is.  Thought I’d post some photos of myself.  I’m pretty cute.  That may sound conceited, but it is the truth and I’m a straight talker.

Anyway, I’ve been going to school for five weeks now.  Ugh.  One more lesson to go.  I learned:  sit, down, stand, shake, watch me….I’m working on come, but I don’t like that one and I’m pretty sure there will always be times when I just decide not to do it…Like when there is something more fun to do, which will be, oh yeah, ALWAYS.  Learnin’ isn’t too tough, cause I’m really smart.  I get lots of treats when I do what they tell me.

I’m learning a few things on my own, too.  When Mom and Pop aren’t paying attention to me, I grab a sock or some underwear and run through the house at top speed.  It’s a small house, so I have some quick turnarounds.  Sometimes I jump up and grab the newspaper out of their hands (really what can possibly be in there that is more interesting then me?  I know if I grab a pillow off the couch I will get some ‘tention.  When all else fails I do berserkers.  This entails running really fast, stopping on a dime with my head low and butt in the air.  Then, without warning, I hurl myself at top speed at one of them.  Man, that really stirs them up.  heh heh heh.

My mom is always lurking around on the forums.  When she is on the forum, she isn’t paying attention to me and that is just wrong!  I’m pretty ticked that I only get 23 hours of one-on-one time each day.  I mean, how many hours are there in a day, like a bizzilion, right?  You would think she could spare me more than 23.  I’m just sayin’.

Oh well, they are preoccupied with a football game right now; can’t let them get too relaxed.  I’m sensing a berserker coming on.

Oh yeah, monkey dogs, we need a place to meet.  Feel free to use my blog for information exchange.  My pawrents never read my stuff.  Like I said, I’m practically an orphan.  Harrumph.

My pawrents are slavedrivers. They make me help with the laundry. I don't even wear clothes. Sheesh.

Here I had to help Pop hook up the new TV. I hate that thing. When they are looking at it, they are not playing with me.

Me in all my perfectness

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5 Responses to “I do what I want”

  1.    etgayle Says:

    mattie you are getting so big…you may grow into a gorillabutt!!! geesh you make me tired just reading about your antics…you need to learn to master the ‘nap’.


  2.    monkeybutt Says:

    I think I’m in love! You are so beautiful and so like me! It’s like a match made on !

    I love you so much, I have to send you a gift. Will you have your mommy send my mommy your address?!

    Monkey hugs and kisses,

  3.    admin Says:

    Oh Mattie, what a big girl you’ve become! Thanks for the update. 🙂

  4.    wyattraydawg Says:

    Alright Mattie, when are we Monkey Dawgs going to take over the world? I’m ready to start the Kong bouncing, just say the word!

  5.    cometdog Says:

    I saw this!!! Nothing gets past me! You are a double agent, buster!


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