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Tripawd hat

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Ugh.  I told my mom she’s not allowed to post stuff on my blog!  She’s supposed to stay in the forums.  Harrumph!  But she wants to post a photo in the forums and she can only do that if she puts it in a blog.  Yeah. Right.  She is just trying to read my stuff.  So, I told her I would post the picture.  Big Deal.  She had the tripawd website embroidered on the back of Pop’s tripawd baseball cap.  Pawrents are goofy.

After market embroidery on 3-paw tripawd hat

Monkeybutt, some of the tripawds are calling for an exorcism.  They think we are possessed!  Bwwwwahahahahahahahah.  We are!  Possessed with Monkeydog Power!  Don’t worry.  I knew it was you making that comment on my last post.  I just figured you infiltrated CometVomit’s account, just to show her you could.  Hehhehheh.  Keep up the good work Rocket!  MonkeyFace Mattie.

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6 Responses to “Tripawd hat”

  1.    Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Riley says: Careful Mattie! Goofy is one thing, but once pawrents start reading stuff you write on blogs, they become the biggest buttinsky’s EVER.

  2.    anyemery Says:

    Let them try to exorcise me! I ate Barney’s eye and he has over 9 lives! It’ll take more than an exorcist to get rid of us Monkeydogs!
    Monkeypoo Zuzu

  3.    admin Says:

    Big Deal? That is pawesome! 🙂 What an awesome idea for those Tripawds Patch Caps!

  4.    madeline Says:

    Monkeypoo Zuzu, did you really eat Barney’s eye? Wow! I tried to eat my mom’s night guard (she grinds her teeth when she sleeps (eyeroll)), but she caught me and made me drop it. I also ate the brains out of my pheasant stuffie. They were good. I’ll bet Barney’s eye was gooey.
    I know right? Exorcism. They would do better to Exer-CISE cause them tripawds are gonna need it to keep up with the monkeydogs!

  5.    madeline Says:

    Thanks Riley. So far so good. I posted the silly photo for her. Phewww. Cause I don’t think she knows about all the things I say about tripawds. She loves tripawds. Sheesh.

  6.    fortisdad Says:

    Monkeydogs……….nothing but a bunch of thugs at best! Especially that Rocket. There’s still time for you Maddie. Your young and Tripawds have big hearts but don’t push to hard my tiny friend 🙂


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