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Well, it’s 362 days until Christmas, so I am banking that Sandy Claws is resting and won’t start making his list for at least a month or so…..SOOOOOOOO  Cooper and Fortis, this is for You!

BWWWWwwaaaaaaahahahahahahahah! Slam and Dunk!

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7 Responses to “HEY STOOP COOP & FOUR TICKS!”

  1.    admin Says:

    Ya just gotta love inside jokes… inside your nose! 🙂

  2.    fortisdad Says:

    I take back what I just said in my previous comment 😉

  3.    anyemery Says:

    Hey, Mattie! Zuzu here (aka monkeypoo). I laughed so hard that I fell down when I saw your picture for Stoopid Coopid and Four ticks! Way to go!!!! Yay for the monkeydogs!
    PS – when my mom say your other posts today she was laughing and saying how you and I would get along so well. What’s up with that? Just cuz I like to have my toys out and about just like you do? And I like to drag my jail pad out of jail from time to time. I think we’ll be good friends for life, though. We monkeydogs have to stick together!

  4.    madeline Says:

    Zuzu! I wish we lived next to each other, ya know? Like neighbors? and our jinormous yards would be connected and our pawrents would say, “Hey, lets just put a fence around both of the yards so the dogs can play.” And we would be all like, “COOL!” Ya. That would be really fun. I’ll bet if we were neighbors, nobody could stop us MONKEYDOGS.

  5.    monkeybunny Says:


    Your so funny, my monkeydollface! Let’s make the tripawds sweat for the next month! Tripawds have to be nice all year but not monkeydogs!

    Your monkeybutt, er I mean monkeybunny
    (it’s the year of the rabbit in China)

  6.    madeline Says:

    Bwwwwahahahahahahahah! Guess what? my mum was born in the year of the rat….hehehehehehehehehh

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