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Pretty Me

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I got my first groom!  That is groom as in haircut, not groom as in husband.  MonkeyButtBunnyEarBoy is the only one for me!

Before my groom: The carefree look

After my groom: Neat huh?

I don’t know why they gave me a bandanna instead of a pink bow.  Maybe cause my mom kept telling them not to cut my hair like I was a poodle, cause I’m not.  I am a doodle through and through!

Actually, I prefer my frauzy look.  I think my mom had all my hair cut off because she had all her hair cut off.  Like she says, though, it’ll grow back and the short cut will be good for summer and  SCHWIMMING!

I have been wading, but I haven’t SCHWAM…..SCHWUM?…yet.  Mom says that I will SCHWIM real soon, but she wants the river to go down a little first.  I can’t wait!

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5 Responses to “Pretty Me”

  1.    etgayle Says:

    what a difference a day at the spa makes!!! looking good!

    charon & gayle

  2.    admin Says:

    There’s your eyes! 🙂 How pretty you look, but you really need to go roll in some mud or something now.

  3.    Ginger Says:

    Mattie, you do look very pretty. With that hair cut, you have GOT to be hot enough to get displayed. Better luck next time, sweetie.

  4.    Monkeybutt-bunny Says:

    You are so beautiful either way my Matt-Matt sweetie!

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